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About Us

    Founded in November of 2019 by Joseph Griffin & Shaw Syska, EleveN9 Simsport was created with two goals in mind.

   The first was to become a respected organization in the sim racing community. The second was to stand proudly on the podium at the end of each and every race we participate in. 

    In our first few months as a team, we took many steps towards those goals. With the help of a multi-national roster, spanning the US, Europe and Africa, we believe we have laid out the groundwork that will allow us to further succeed within the sim racing community. 

   Our organization follows these core values: 


                                    Dedication. Honesty.  Community. Professionalism. 

   It is through dedication that we grow our value as a competitive race team. It is with honesty that we build relationships of trust. It is with the feeling of community that we become family who look out for one another and it is with professionalism that we gain respect from the community at large. 

   Without these four values, we would not be where we are today. It is with these values that we continue to grow for the future.

     Joseph Griffin

     Team Owner