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24h of Spa - Race Report

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Team Black

Event: 24 hours of Spa Series: iRacing Special Events Location: Stavelot, Belgium Format: 24 hours (Approx. 595 laps) Drivers: Daniel Newell, Nicholas Boccanfuso, Sven Hartmann, Gas Cohen Start: 16th Finish: 8th Highest: 1st Lowest: 16th Fastest Lap: Gas Cohen, 2:20.428 Most Laps: Gas Cohen, 35% (205 laps) Race Winner: Grow Racing Team Green (Ferrari 488 GT3)

SOF: 1552 Comments from the drivers. Sven Hartmann on his first endurance race with the team. "It was my first endurance event ever on iRacing period. The team was extremely welcoming and although I had a rough first stint, they made sure my confidence didn't crumble. We all pulled together and had a very consistent race the rest of the way. From the excellent communication to the great comradery, it was an absolute thrill to be a part of. We may not have gotten the exact result we wanted in the end, but coming so close definitely makes we want to get right back at it." Gas Cohen: "We started well and never looked back, going forward every stint. If the race was 23 hours long we would be the winners, and we can only be satisfied with our performances. Today just wasn't quite our day, but with driving like this the next one will be!" Notes:

· Double stint teammates tires put us in contention for podium and possible victory.

· Nicholas drove his best stints of the season, helping keep us in the running for a podium.

· Sven made a sterling debut in a car/track combo he was not familiar with and stepped up extremely well to cover stints and drive in US AM hours.

· Gas dive bombed everyone on track. · Dan had some of his cleanest stints in recent history.

· We did not quite finish where we deserved to, but we have plenty to still be proud of for sure. Thanks for an awesome event guys, and an epic personal endurance anniversary.

Team Blue

Event: 24 hours of Spa Series: iRacing Special Events Location: Stavelot, Belgium Format: 24 hours (Approx. 595 laps) Drivers: Johan Shirazi, Thomas Marmann, Marco Marozzi, Jacob Worden, Niels Sax Start: 10th Finish: 11th Highest: 1st Lowest: 21st Fastest Lap: Marco Marozzi, 2:18.611 Most Laps: Niels Sax, 31% (183 laps) Race Winner: Latin Racing Sport II SOF: 1853 Notes:

· Heading into the night, a solid position in P3.

· Incident coming out of Blanchimont on lap 279 dropped us to P21. · Hard fought battles brought us back up to P11 overall.

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