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iELMS - Nurburgring Gesamtstrecke- Race Report

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Nürburgring this weekend turned out to be the one that got away.

On Saturday both teams lined up in the 2nd split. Qualifying Pole and 4th on the grid.

The first stint out of the way and EleveN9 was running 1-2 with a good margin to work with, Red Team driving off into the sunrise. After that the Green Hell extracted its toll with a repeat of Discord issues from Daytona, and they were forced into repairs twice which left the car undriveable on such a demanding track.

In an archive photo, EleveN9 Simport - White, in their Audi R-18 participates in a race session at Le Mans.

White Team leaned on their primary driver who drove well but after being forced off-track by a damaged LMP1 back-marker, they let the podium slip from their grasp and could only salvage 5th place by the checkered flag.

Sunday proved devilish once again in the 2nd split, and the roles reversed for the grid. White Team started on Pole with Red Team lining up 5th.

In an archive photo, EleveN9 Simport - White, in their Audi R-18 participates in a race session at Le Mans.

The lead was surrendered early unfortunately, but by the final lap of the first stint both teams ran in a fuel saving train occupying 2nd and 3rd. A moment of aero-wash entering the Karussel meant a hard landing in the barriers and early repairs for White, which left them bravely driving the next 4 stints with a bent steering column and only a handful of seconds off the pace. They managed to save 4th place with some ingenuity and crafty towing work from the relentless pit crew.

Red Team were marred with a variety of landmines, one literal, and were eventually able to limp the car home to 3rd place to claim the final spot on the LMP1 podium.

Ending the weekend thinking of what could have been in race 1, and learning many hard lessons in race 2. The teams pick themselves up and swiftly cast their eyes forward to a welcoming Road America, glad to have barely survived Green Hell.

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