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our mission

   Formerly known as the Northwest GT3 Challenge, Pacific Challenge is quickly raising the stakes as it aims to set the standard for sim racing. With over forty active drivers, and over one-hundred and twenty discord members, the league is destined for further success in 2021.

   The Pacific Challenge is a professionally organized 
simracing league that
operates on the iRacing service.
We focus on bringing professionally organized events

to the west coast sim-racers of the Americas. A 
demographic that for too
long has been overlooked.


  Over the past year, the team at Pacific Challenge have grown from just a small local group of racers to a nation-wide organization with its former focus being the Pacific west.

"Become the premiere west coast sim racing league on iRacing."

  As we were closing in on our third season of organized racing, it was decided that it would be necessary for us to pursue a rebranding. With the purpose of making room for potential growth as an organization.

  This rebranding makes its official debut in January 2021. With this rebranding came an important milestone that we had decided we must reach for, Become the premiere west coast sim racing league on iRacing.


  Leaders of The Pacific Challenge work hard each day to bring together dozens of sim racers from all over the country. Organizing weekly, one hour long, races, which are broadcasted by our media partner, PitStopTV. 

  PitStopTV, owned by Whiplash Media, can reach over 4,000 fans simultaneously through YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter. Additional coverage is brought in by league drivers who stream from their own pages, post updates from their own social media and share their experiences with family and friends.

"Reach over 4,000 race fans simultaneously through YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter"


  With a promising future ahead, the Pacific Challenge sim racing community is dedicated and has shown it is clearly on its way to becoming one of the best leagues in sim racing. 


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